The Palo Santo Sticks Essential Guide

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The Palo Santo Sticks Essential Guide

Postby Alexsmith81 » 17 Oct 2019, 11:41

Welcome! If you’ve ended up on this site, you’re probably doing some research on Palo Santo Sticks. Perhaps you’ve heard from a friend or co-worker that they “smudge” to help clear out negativity or bring good luck. Maybe you’re interested in learning more about how Palo Santo Sticks can help with overall wellness? In any case, Palo Santo is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek natural therapies in boosting mind, body, and spirit!


Palo Santo Sticks – The “Holy Wood”
Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is the species of tree grown in the tropical forests of several South American countries extending from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to Ecuador. It is an aromatic citrus tree and part of the family of plants that includes frankincense and myrrh. Palo Santo is a Spanish term, which literally means “holy wood (or stick).” The name aptly describes the tree’s beneficial effects as it is known to provide health, physical, and spiritual benefits. Palo Santo smudge sticks and essential oils are the two major products derived from the mystical tree.

Palo Santo sticks are widely used in rituals for spiritual purification. For centuries since the Inca period, Palo Santo sticks were utilized to bring good luck and cleanse houses of bad spirits. The tradition of using Palo Santo was passed down for generations and the practice continues even to this day!

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