Comparison Between Instagram Story and Snapchat Story

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Comparison Between Instagram Story and Snapchat Story

Postby Alexsmith81 » 06 Nov 2019, 21:41

Snapchat was introduced in 2011 and the purpose of snapchat was to provide a platform to the people where they can share their pictures and videos for 24 hours and this concept called the story. Instagram was introduced in 2011 and Instagram launched the Instagram story in 2016. When Snapchat launched story concept it got very viral people love to use the stories but snapchat did introduced more updates in the stories on the other hand when Instagram launched the Instagram story it got very popular initially because Instagram introduced some other features along the story those are not available in the Snapchat.
No doubt snapchat has introduced the story concept but now Instagram story is mostly used in the world because of its extraordinary features. For example on the Instagram story you can start the live chat with friends and followers but this is not possible on the snapchat. Both platforms are using for the business advertisement but Instagram is much beneficial the first reason it is friendly for the business and the second is if you buy instant instagram story views then it will give you much results in return.

Initially Snapchat has launched the feature in which you can mention your friend, but this featured introduced in Instagram story when it launched. You can’t add the hashtags in the snapchat story but Instagram story offers you the separate sticker for adding the hashtag. There are some other features on which we can do comparison between snapchat and Instagram. The summary of the whole debate is Instagram is much better than Snapchat either for business purposes or personal use. We recommend you if you are looking for the business then no one is better than Instagram story.
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