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If you’ve made a conscious decision about eating healthy and looking for the Best Air fryers India? What if I told you that I have done this research for you, so you won’t have to waste your precious time.In this article, I have featured the top ten best air fryers India and a buying guide to follow when choosing a suitable air fryer.

An air fryer is a kitchen cooking appliance that works by using hot air. The cooking appliance is fitted with a motor and fan that facilitates the rapid circulation of hot air inside the cooking area.The air fryers come in different sizes and designs where some have up to 9 pre-set cooking methods to choose from.This appliance enables you to make healthy meals since one does not need to use a large amount of oil when cooking food in different methods, including frying.

American Micronic- AMI-AF1-35CLDx- 3.5 Liters 1500 Watts Imported Air Fryer
This air fryer has a cooking timer with a range of 0 to 30 minutes. You can prepare different kinds of foods, including the foods that require less heat, as the temperature can be regulated to varying intervals. The air fryer is equipped with a non-stick basket, which eliminates a high percentage need of using oil when cooking. This air fryer is recommendable for people who are cautious of power usage in the house since it prepares the food fast hence saving up to 27 percentage power usage in the home.For quality assurance, one is provided with a two-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. The warranty covers for spare parts or any technical issue that may require repair. This air fryer fits a large family setting as it has a large cooking basket that can make food for around 5 to 6 people.

The air fryer comes with a warranty for quality assurance

There is a digital timer for comfortable setting different cooking methods

The air fryer can prepare all foods including that to require low-temperature setting

One is provided with an online recipe

The recipe is given in the form of a soft copy.

The timer setting reaches around 30 minutes

If you need an easy to use the air fryer for preparing even the most sensitive foods, then this is the right model to buy. It features a temperature regulation button so you can set the proper cooking temperature depending on the foods you are making. It is also relatively large for a large family setting.
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