PvP Honor Titles

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PvP Honor Titles

Postby Akssy » 02 Jul 2010, 00:13

Am mutat vechiul topic la trash si am facut unul nou, informativ.

ImageAlliance Title

Image Sergeant (peste 1000 HK)
Image Knight (peste 2500 HK)
Image Knight-Lieutenant (peste 3000 HK)
Image Knight-Captain (peste 3500 HK)
Image Knight-Champion (peste 4000 HK)
Image Lieutenant Commander (peste 5000 HK)
Image Commander (peste 6000 HK)
Image Marshal (peste 8000 HK)
Image Field Marshal (peste 10000 HK)
Image Grand Marshal (peste 30000 HK)

ImageHorde Title

Image Sergeant (peste 1000 HK)
Image Stone Guard (peste 2500 HK)
Image Blood Guard (peste 3000 HK)
Image Legionnaire (peste 3500 HK)
ImageCenturion (peste 4000 HK)
ImageChampion (peste 5000 HK)
Image Lieutenant General (peste 6000 HK)
Image General (peste 8000 HK)
Image Warlord (peste 10000 HK)
Image High Warlord (peste 30000 HK)

* HK = Honorable Kill
* Am luat in calcul si restul titlurilor, dar asta ar insemna sa dam titles tuturor playerilor.
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