Changelog 25 August

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Changelog 25 August

Postby Bulidev » 25 Aug 2011, 20:31



*master shapeshifter fixed
*fixed dodge part la Feral Swiftness si


*Die by the Sword proc la sub 20% hp
*Single Minded Fury fixed fully


*Fixed Divine purpose rank 2 (inca dmg e mic pt ca nu se pune ca si cand ai avea 3 holy power, dar procul acum functioneaza)
*Stacking seals la pala
*Seal of insight sa dea mana

*Fixed speed boost on disengage (doar rank 1 momentan - 15%)
*Chimera shot damage
*Improved Serpent Sting rank 2
*Serpent Sting scales now correctly with AP
*Ferocious Inspiration

*Fixed Improved Expose Armor rank 2
*Fixed Bandit's Guile rank 3
*Fixed Glyph of hemorrhage
*Fixed Cheat Death

*Fixed Focus Insight rank 3
*Fixed Nature's guardian rank 3
*Fixed Searing Flames rank 3
*Fixed Earthen Power rank 2

Other fixes:
*BOK, BOM, MOW stacking.
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