Changelog - 10th of September (Ascendant Council available)

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Changelog - 10th of September (Ascendant Council available)

Postby DarkSider » 10 Sep 2011, 01:29

New blizzlike scripted Bastion of Twilight encounter available: Ascendant Council

Latest class fixes:

    * New auras that increase attack speed, such as Improved Steady Shot have been fixed.
    * Arena team stats are now correctly shown in the character information tab.
    * Players are now automatically dismounted when entering any dungeon or raid.
    * Valiona & Theralion encounter - Theralion will now cast his Twilight Blast on random players.

    * Hot Streak - fixed proc, it works blizzlike now
    * Improved Hot Streak - blizzlike fixed
    * Impact - resets the cooldown of Fire Blast
    * Ignite - corrected damage
    * Incanter's Absorption - knockback effect
    * Improved Polymorph
    * Ice Lance - now correctly does double (instead of four times) damage on frozen targets
    * Glyph of Ice Lance
    * Permafrost
    * Reactive Barrier

    * Improved Devouring Plague
    * Shadow Word: Death
    * Mind Melt - bonus damage part
    * Masochism

    * Improved Steady Shot
    * Sic 'Em

    * Nature's Ward
    * Telluric Currents
    * Heroism / Bloodlust / Time Warp / Ancient Hysteria - fixed possible exploits
    * Predatory Strikes - doesn't give attack power any longer
    * Distract
    * Improved Lava Lash
    * Gift of the Naaru

Check out the changelog on our website for a more detailed view.

From now on, we're going to focus on fixing class problems. Expect to see many more spell and talent fixes in the upcoming period. Thanks for your support!
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